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Tour Overview

The Ultimate Ghana 11-Day Tour – Spring 2025

“Ghana is one of Africa’s most exciting travel destinations”, as stated in the Bradt travel guide. African Skies Tours together with Epik Escapes can take you there! Ghana is a country loved by all who visit. The sheer variety of attractions in this relatively small country make it an ideal destination for a true African adventure. It is not a country overrun by tourists; visitors will experience a country steeped in tradition yet having many modern amenities.

Our small group tours will bring you up close to aspects of Ghana not to be missed: National Parks, History, Villages, Culture and Wildlife. While traveling in comfortable air-conditioned vehicles, our experienced guides will bring these attractions to life. Accommodations are top-notch and the food, an amazing combination of local and international cuisine.

Experience the lush forests of the South, stunningly beautiful beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, cool waterfalls plus the contrasting savanna of the North hosting the country’s largest national park, Mole (pronounced ‘mole-ay’) where you can see elephants roaming the dry plains and bathing in the water holes.

Trip Highlights:

– tour of historic Jamestown-Accra

– making glass beads at Cedi Bead Factory

– visit to Akosombo Dam

– Tafe Atome monkey sanctuary

– Wli waterfalls

– Traditional drum and dance ceremony, Ewe people

– Mole National Park, walking or driving safari

– meeting with village chief

– Elmina and Cape Coast Castles

– Kakum treetop walkway

– visit to a local library run by a Canadian organization (volunteer opportunity)


I first traveled to Ghana in 1995 not knowing what I would encounter on my quest to study African music. Over the following four years, I found a country that was rich in culture, full of beautiful, friendly people and home to more music and dance styles than I had ever imagined.

In 2011, together with my mentor, master drummer Christopher Ametefe of the Ghana Dance Ensemble, we created African Skies Tours.

Our hope is to provide opportunities for people with an interest in Africa, African music and African culture to travel to Ghana and experience this country in a safe, well-organized group tour.

Our knowledge of the people and country can give participants opportunities to experience the true culture that many other visitors to Ghana may not have.

Christopher and I will be more than happy to share our passion for Ghana with you in January 2023. Please join us then.

~ Jay Stoller